72 Days of Automatic Writing

72 Days of Automatic Writing

Automatic writing works! It started working the first day I started writing. And it’s been working every single day I’ve practiced AW (Automatic Writing). And by working, I mean that it isn’t me that’s doing the writing. Something else is going on. And from whatever perspective you look at AW there is something to it. But the only way to know that is to simply try it. So, if you’re reading this you should try AW.

For me it hasn’t been a night and day type of experience. But it’s changed my life in small increments like going to the gym and exercising a little bit every day. Over a long period of time, you’ll be much better off than if you hadn’t tried it. For me I’ve brought a lot of questions and had them answered that I wouldn’t have otherwise in my regular daily life.

AW can be practiced in many ways but the way I found that works for me follows these steps: Meditate – Intention Prayer – Invocation Prayer – Questions – Gratitude. That’s the basic outline for the AW I practice. And it works, the results are subtle and sometimes barely noticeable. But the changes are occurring, and I usually notice them when I react to things better than I would before AW. This is the type of thing that needs continual upkeep. AW isn’t something you can do for like a week and all of a sudden, your life changes. This isn’t a lottery ticket or something like that. It’s about showing up everyday for no one else but yourself. And that already is a great leap forward for me and I am better for it.

The power of AW really shows up in the Question section of the ritual or practice. As a practitioner you just bring questions to AW and something or someone answers them for you. It could be your unconscious (look toward Carl Jung for that, not Freud), or it could be the spirit world, or you ancestors. Or a combination of all the above plus plants or angels etc. Basically, its seeking answers to questions that your conscious mind is not able to answer.

So, moving forward I’ll be practicing AW everyday for as long as I want, which right now seems like a lifelong practice. 72 days of continuous AW hasn’t been easy, and I don’t have the best experience every single day. But I always choose to show up, I show up for myself because I deserve it and I’m worth it. Waking up at 6 am every single day isn’t easy, and I don’t always accomplish that goal, but I still do it. Now after 72 consecutive days it’s become something I just do.

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