Alchemical Realism 101

Alchemical Realism 101

I’m a mystic.

In other words, I see the world in mystical (and by extension, Gnostic) and alchemical terms.

Alchemical Realism is my way of understanding the world.

To briefly outline where this understanding of the world comes from, I’ll say that it arises from the same trauma that gave birth to Magical Realism in the 20th Century.

Concerning the possible origin of Magic Realism, the Encyclopedia Britannica states, “some scholars have posited that magic realism is a natural outcome of postcolonial writing, which must make sense of at least two separate realities—the reality of the conquerors as well as that of the conquered.”

One of the main roles of my art practice will be to explore the “making sense” and by extension the “making meaning” parts of this equation.

The term Alchemical Realism is used to give direction and a sense of history to this enterprise

Also, things are complicated a bit because this Alchemical Realism I’m introducing also needs to account for time. It needs to account for “the tombs of others”. The ghosts of others left unacknowledged for decades wears down on the barrier between our world and their world. Or at least that’s what it feels like to me and I would imagine for the writers of magical realism during their times.

Thus, I’m trying to make sense of “at least two separate realities – the reality of the conquerors as wells as that of the conquered.” I really can not find a better description for what I’ve been trying to do all this time.

two separate realities – the reality of the conquerors as wells as that of the conquered. 

Similar ideas have been expressed by the Gnostics which will be discussed in a different post. They use the world Archons to describe the “rulers of this world”. Another name could be Spanish Empire or the British Empire or the United States Empire. It is all trying to describe the same phenomenon I think just spread across time and space and dimensions. Things start to sound really out there when we get to this point but this is just the beginning. Out there is what the CIA was during the Cold War. If we follow the trajectory of the CIA we find mind control experiments, remote viewing developed by Ingo Swann, and a plethora of other things. Stranger things.

What I am proposing here and will continue to explore is that reality as its been described by the empire is in fact a construct. It is not a new idea, its basically Gnosticism 101. I guess part of this new synthesis is that I have thought myself into this sort of view of the world long before I had a proper context for it. And now after years and years of inquiry and hour and hours devoted to making art I think I am at a point where the pieces of the puzzle are starting to make sense. There is a “historical basis” for all of these concepts I am exploring that precedes Colonialism. And that is where I have been searching for meaning and answers. As this blog develops these ideas will be covered in time. 
Nothing is off the table when you were born in the wake of colonialism. Whatever tools you find within or outside of yourself are fair game.

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