Welcome to Alchemical Realism

I ignore the formal value of those pieces. The only thing I ask of art is that it helps me express what I think as clearly as possible, to invent visual and critical signs that let me condemn more efficiently the barbarism of the West. Someone could possibly prove to me that this is not art. I would have no problem with it, I would not change paths, I would simply change its name, crossing out art and calling it politics, corrosive criticism, anything at all really. – Leon Ferrari

Art Practice becomes Personal Alchemy

Colonialism begets highly concentrated levels of trauma and death in the colonized. A trauma that reverberates across generations and respects no national borders. The ever-present specter of death becomes just another aspect of reality. And in this soup of trauma and death and mass graves, reality becomes friable. And when reality becomes friable, every generation following that initial trauma is affected. In a way, in the context of my family lineage, I’m living on the cutting edge of trauma and death. After me, there is no further manifestation of that colonial lineage. So, this needs to end. And I’m actively working towards bringing about the death of that colonized I.

Personal Alchemy Statement:

Colonialism begets trauma and death.
In the wake of Colonialism, reality becomes friable.
I was born in the wake, I create in the wake, and I will die in the wake.
My work functions as a harbinger of that death.